our story

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the beginning of a new future

It all started when…

Kim, our co-founder, attended her first ICT Management and Leadership Conference in 2016. She noticed that there weren't many women present at this event and thought this was sad, considering how many women she knew who were leaders in technology at their schools.

In 2018, she attended the same conference, and was once again saddened by the number of women she saw in attendance. Kim shared with Emma, (who she initially met at an IT Integration conference in 2013) her concerns that the number of likeminded women attending these educational technology events were not increasing. 

Emma introduced Kim to her former colleague, Jess and they all attended the conference dinner together. This is where the entertainer (a female comedian) made lighthearted comments about how male dominated the event was. 

Jess shared a story of a fellow conference attendee trying to find 'Jennifer' during breakfast. He asked both Emma and herself if they were the woman in question. Jess joked how he had a 'one in fifteen chance' of being right, and they all realised that this was no longer a laughing matter. 

They all realised the current method of attracting women to connect and support each other in the educational technology space was not working and that there needed to be a new way forward.

That was the moment that ed/it women co. was born. 

We started this community to support and encourage more women into technology in the education sector.

Built on the principle of 'we can be what we can see', we aim to improve numbers of women in the ed tech space to increase the influence we have on girls' involvement in STEM studies and careers.

By working in partnership with organisations, we also aim to provide opportunities for women to engage in new and innovative learning initiatives to collaborate, network and build their confidence with using technology in their education communities.