The change has already begun

 This post was originally published on Nikki Steven’s LinkedIn

I am bringing positive change to the workplace and I want to be a role model to women, men, boys and girls wanting to be in tech.

Early this week I was privileged to be part of the Ed/it Women Co team and deliver a wonderful high tea event for women in Education IT.

I had great conversations and met some interesting people and it was a pleasure to see women in the edutech space getting together and building connections.

It led me to ponder, what do I as a women in tech struggle with? Where do I need help and what do I want to gain from an organisation such as Ed/it Women?

For me, I want to find peers, I want to find a mentor and I want to grow.

I want to discuss the things that drive me crazy in my job. I want to hear that I am not alone and talk to others who have the same issues as I do. I want to gain new skills, I want to spark new ideas, I want to find solutions to my problems and I want to provide all of these things to others.

During the high tea event, Ed/It Women Founder Kim talked about bringing in speakers and presenters who are accessible and this struck a chord in me. I want to hear from people that I can relate to, I want to hear from people who I can reach out to, who I can maybe have coffee with or who’s brain I can pick, somebody who can be a mentor or a coach but not somebody so removed from my reality that I cannot relate to them. Bringing the high flying CEO from a well known company can be inspirational and very powerful. Hearing from ‘successful’ women in tech is something we should have access to, but I also want to hear from somebody who is really struggling with an issue, I want to hear others give her advice, I want to share my thoughts or I want to throw my issue to the group and get their suggestions.

I don’t want it to become a gender fight, I don't want it to become a women's support group focused on equality and political issues. I want the conversations to be purposeful, I want the topics to be relevant to my industry and my job and I want to go back to my workplace and implement the things that I learn from the women that I meet. I want my team, my employer and my colleagues to see that through groups such as Ed/it, I am bringing positive change to the workplace and I want to be a role model to women, men, boys and girls wanting to be in tech.


I am so very excited about where Ed/it Women Co will take us, who we will connect with, who will inspire us and how it will enrich our lives and careers and I believe that the change has already begun. Keep supporting groups such as this and next time you meet a women in tech, bring her with you.