Business Chicks - 9 to Thrive

On Saturday August 11, the ed/it women co. team were fortunate enough to attend 9 to Thrive hosted by Business Chicks. "Three cities. 80+ speakers. 30+ talks & workshops. 10,000 women." What's not to get excited about?


I didn’t really know what to expect before attending, as it was my first time. Business Chicks advertises the day as “a 2-day festival bringing together 10000 women for talks, panels + workshops from entrepreneurs, CEOs and creatives at the top of their game.”


We were fortunate enough to attend panels several panels that really touched upon issues that confront ed/it women such as “The Juggle Is Real – Parenting: the uncensored version”.

Women in tech Panel.jpg

"You can be what you can see."

The women disrupting the tech world were really inspirational with their go-getter attitude. Totally living ed/it women co.'s motto!

L-R Jess, Emma, Michelle Battersby (Bumble), Laura Huddle (Eventbrite), Kim and Erica Stuart (Hard To Find). 

The ed/it women team found themselves particularly inspired by the Tech Talks which featured 'The women disrupting the tech world'. We were fortunate enough to chat to Laura Huddle, the Head of New Business at Eventbrite about women in technology and how young girls can get into tech careers.

The panel featuring Emily Duggan, Amna Karra-Hassan and Samantha Gash was, I think, the most engaging of the day – the genuine belly laughs from the crowd and looking around at all the women nodding in agreement with a lot of the sentiments presented on stage really brought the audience together.

Strength is putting aside your differences and creating a safe space for others.
— Amna Karra-Hassan

This panel had so many on point messages that spoke to ed/it women:

"Surround yourself with people who help you with achieving your goal and don't see gender as an issue."

- Samantha Gash

Image of Women Who Came First panel from here.

Having the day to take in all the amazing messages, surrounded by a support network of women was really worthwhile – the pampering stations didn’t hurt either! We look forward to strengthening connections that we made on the day and taking and running with some of the ideas that got presented.

If you want to see more of our images and videos from the day, check out our Instagram story.

Alternately, our tweets from the day have been curated here.


Jessica Lonard